Rent Increase Survey

Have you submitted your latest rent increase data to the rent increase survey?

New Rent Mediation Law Takes Effect Tomorrow

Changes to local ordinances for rent mediation go into effect October 1st.

Two new ordinances go into effect tomorrow, October 1st, with the intent of strengthening rent dispute mediation between Alameda landlords and tenants.


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First Reported Results of Alameda Rent Increase Survey

The first results from the Action Alameda News rent increase survey are now available.

City of Alameda officials initially declined an opportunity to review the data, deferring to a $32,000 contract with BAE Urban Economics, of Oakland. Alameda Renters Coalition members refused invitations to review and audit the data to insure its integrity. Here […]

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Alameda Rent Increase Survey

Action Alameda News is compiling a database of tenant-reported rent increases. Results of the survey will be published at a future date, and shared with the City of Alameda. Your response carries more weight if you support it by e-mailing a copy of your rent increase notice to

Addendum: We’ve twice offered to work […]

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