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Film Screening


Buy tickets to a screening of Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack, a documentary about Zack's death in Alameda on Memorial Day, 2011. Fiscal Sponsor: Media Alliance

Planning Board Meeting on Autocross at Alameda Point Deferred

A planned agenda item, regarding autocross at Alameda Point, for tonight’s planning board meeting, has been continued to October 24th.


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California Least Tern Upsets Autocross at Alameda Point

In a communication received from Alameda City Hall, we learned today that the proposed autocross and drag racing – even the “test day” that Alameda City Councilmember Marie Gilmore motioned – will require a formal consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the Endangered Species Act. This will effectively put a stop to […]

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Before Drag Racing Even Approved For Alameda Point, Enthusiasts Already Looking Forward to An Expansion.

In this posting to, a motorspots online forum, on January 31, 2009, well before a March 4, 2009 Alameda City Council/ARRA meeting to discuss the potential for 1/8th mile drag racing at Alameda Point, a 22 year-old East Bay enthusiast, “JDM Kid 510” is already looking forward to expanding the 1/8th mile side-by-side drag […]

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Alameda City Council Approves Test Day for Autocross and Drag Racing at Alameda Point

Last night, Alameda City Council, sitting as the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment authority, approved a “test day” to examine the potential for expanded autocross racing, and 1/8th mile drag racing at Alameda Point. Alameda Auto Park LLC wants to lease area on the Northwest Territories for 40 weekends and 80 days of motorsport, with 150 […]

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Tonight Alameda City Council Considers Expanded Autocross Events at Alameda Point

Tonight, the Alameda City Council sitting as the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA) will consider expanded use of Alameda as an autocross racing facility and a 1/8 mile race strip facility. The City has safety concerns over this expanded use.


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City of Alameda Now in Auto Racing Business

A reader and Porsche owner tipped us off to this upcoming event at Alameda Point, on the old airfield – Porsche Club of America autocross racing at Alameda Point. The Porsche Club Golden Gate Region proudly announces on their website that:

We are excited to see our first 2009 autocross coming together. As planned, it […]

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