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Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

Bay Farm Residents Organize to Oppose Latest Cowan Housing Proposal

Some 600 residents, neighbors and parents are opposed to a plan to relocate Harbor Bay Club to make room for 80 new homes on Bay Farm Island.

Some 600 Bay Farm Island residents, as well as Harbor Bay Club members and local elementary school parents, have organized to oppose the latest development proposal from [...]

Biotech Firm AllCells to Relocate to Alameda

AllCells LLC, of Emeryville, California, a life science industry provider of human hematologic tissue such as bone marrow, peripheral blood and primary cells announced today that it will relocate to Harbor Bay Business Park in Alameda next year.


Alameda Citizens Debate Over Winners and Losers in Mif Albright Swap (Part 1)

By Erica Madison

Golf, youth sports, traffic increases, infrastructure pressures and $7.2 million dollars have divided Alameda Citizens; a passionate debate leaves children as the common denominator in the middle of it all.


Widow Offers Reward in Last Year’s Bay Farm Island Slaying

The Alameda Police Department announced yesterday that Julie Vinall, the widow of Darin Vinall, found dead in his Parfait Lane home last December, is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever is responsible for Darin Vinall’s death.


Traffic Improvements Will Increase Traffic Congestion on Bay Farm Island

Updated 9/25/09, 11:25 am to clarify statement by Eugenie Thomson about I-880 interchange.

By Erica Madison

For the last ten years, the Alameda Congestion Management Agency has been looking for a way to improve freeway access from High St. to Broadway. A recent study reveals that the new plan to reduce congestion may actually make [...]

Alameda Firefighters’ Association President Expresses Disapproval with The City Council

By Erica Madison

Imagine that a fire has started at a residence on Beach Road; fortunately the nearest fire station is only a ten minute ride a way, unfortunately the station is closed.

Fortunately this didn’t happen on Aug. 8, 2009. A fire started at a residence on Beach Road, but with the help of [...]

Hot Rods at Harbor Bay

Hot Rods at Harbor Bay Harbor Bay Landing Shopping Center Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 From 5pm to 8pm 50/50 Raffle to Benefit Local Charity

Sandpiper Cove HOA Special Board Meeting

Sandpiper Cove HOA Special Board of Directors Meeting Community Center 3195 Mecartney Drive, Alameda, CA 94502 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 6:30pm

Alameda Fire Chief David Kapler and Brigade Commander David Tunney to discuss the recent house fire in the HOA – present the process used in fighting the fire and answer questions from residents.

Layoffs at Abbott Diabetes Care in Alameda

Update, June 26th, 11:00 am – Greg Miley informed us that: “Approximately 30 people from various areas of ADC were affected.” We received a tip that there are layoffs in-progress at Abbott’s offices on South Loop Road on Bay Farm Island. It turns out that in fact, there are.


Two Alameda Firefighters Injured at House Fire on Bay Farm Island


Two Alameda firefighters were injured last night while responding to a house fire in a single family residence. One suffered 2nd degree burns to his back, flank and stomach. He was initially transported by AMR to Alameda Hospital for treatment, and received additional treatment at the Burn Center of St. [...]