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Collins Boatworks Site Legal Wrangling Continues

Next week, Alameda City Council will conference with legal counsel in closed session regarding the ongoing saga of the Collins Boatworks site, alongside the city’s northern waterfront near Oak Street.


City Wins Preliminary Injunction on Collins Boatworks Property

The City of Alameda has been granted a preliminary injunction to force the owners of the “Boatworks” property along the estuary at Clement Avenue and Oak Street to maintain the property to prevent it from falling into further disrepair.


Alameda City Collins Approves Tentative Parcel Map for Boatworks Project

At Tuesday’s night’s City Council meeting, Alameda City Council approved a tentative parcel map for a 9.48 acre, 182 residential unit project at the corner of Clement Street and Oak Street, commonly referred to as the “boatworks project.”


Planning Board Approves Boatworks Density Bonus Application and Parcel Map

On Monday evening, the Alameda Planning Board approved a density bonus application, and a tentative parcel map for the “Boatworks” project, a 9.48 acre, 182 residential unit project at the corner of Clement Street and Oak Street.


Collins Boatworks Project on Planning Board Agenda Tonight

A controversial project to build 242 housing units at the northern Alameda waterfront along the Oakland-Alameda estuary near Park Street is on the Planning Board agenda tonight. If the project is approved and built, it is would be the first Alameda housing project built under the City’s recently-adopted density bonus law ordinance, undermining calls to [...]

City Eliminates Oak Street Estuary Park from General Plan

Dear Editor,

On October 5th, 2010, the Alameda City Council eliminated the Oak Street Estuary Park from the General Plan and canceled any attempt to develop it as an active park.

The Council adopted 5 recommendations from the Planning Department concerning the Boatworks housing development owned by Francis Collins, along the Estuary side of Clement [...]

City Council Review of Boatworks Project Tomorrow

Dear Editor,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5 at 7PM in Alameda’s City Hall, the City Council will review and likely approve the City Planning Department’s final draft of the Boatworks Project at Oak and Clement Streets.

While Boatworks will eliminate blight at Oak and Clement, it will also eliminate the chance of ever building an active [...]

Alameda Planning Board to Decide on Boatworks Project Tomorrow

Dear Editor,

On Monday June 21st the Planning Board will be making a final decision on the Boatworks project at Oak and Clement Streets and will vote to send their recommendation to the City Council. This will be the final oportunity for the neighborhood to voice their opinion on the project before the Planning Board’s [...]

Alameda Boatworks Project Comes Before Planning Board Again Tomorrow

Dear Editor,

The Boatworks project will be discussed again at the next Planning Board meeting on Monday May 24th at 7:00 pm at the Alameda City Hall, 3rd floor. Let them know what you think they should do about Estuary Park.


Estuary Park Action Committee Posts Info on Boatworks Project

Dear Editor,

EPAC has posted more information about the high rise, high density “Boatworks” development that threatens Estuary Park. Let the City of Alameda know what you think about the project’s Environmental Impact Report.