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Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

City of Alameda CAFR Confirms Public Safety Staffing Down, Planning and Development Staffing Up

The recently released City of Alameda Comprehensive Annual Financial Report confirms the City’s shift over recent years away from protecting citizens to serving developers.


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KTVU Reports on Alameda Fire Boats Out of Service

KTVU Channel 2 reported last week on the Alameda fire boats that have been placed out of service since last fall. As redevelopment projects consume an increasing amount of property tax revenue that could fund public safety, such as police officers, firefighters and fire boats, expect increased equipment brownouts and outright terminations of service like [...]

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The Don Roberts Show With David Kapler, February 11

This week’s Don Roberts show is now online. Don talks with Alameda Fire Chief David Kapler about fire department service and staffing levels, and brownouts.

Alameda Firefighters Issue Statement About Mothbolled Fire Boats

For Immediate Release

7 FEB 2009

Domenick Weaver, President Alameda Firefighters IAFF Local 689 AFL‐CIO


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The Don Roberts Show With Pat Bail, February 4

This week’s Don Roberts Show is now online. Don talks with community activist Pat Bail about firefighters and Alameda Point.

Firefighters Update City Council on Rotating Brownouts

On Tuesday night, Domenick Weaver, President of the Alameda Firefighters Association, provided an update to City Council on the rotating brownouts.


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Alameda On The Edge – DVD and CDs Now Available

Now available from the Alameda Public Affairs Forum – a box set recording of the Forum’s January 24th, 2009 presentation “Alameda on the Edge: Budget Crisis Impact on Public Services.” The set includes a DVD and two audio CDs recording the speakers and their presentations. Contact the Forum to buy your copy.

An excerpt from [...]

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The Don Roberts Show with David Howard, January 28

See The Don Roberts Show online. This week, Don speaks with David Howard, spokesperson for Save Our City! Alameda about firefighters, brownouts and the cineplex.

Bay Farm Island Fire Station Ambulance “Browned-out” Today

From Alameda Firefighters:

Citizens of Alameda!

Today, the Bay Farm Island fire station ambulance was closed, or “browned-out.”


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More Mass-Media Coverage of Alameda Fire Station Brownouts

KCBS reporter Ron Naso filed this story on the brownouts today as well as KTVU. CBS 5 San Francisco aired this story but unfortunately confused Alameda County with the City of Alameda.


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