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Planning Board Sympathetic to Use Change for Final Alameda Landing Parcel

The planning board on Monday was sympathetic to Catellus’ request to change development plans for the final Alameda Landing parcel. (File Photo)

The planning board was generally sympathetic on Monday night to a request from Catellus to shift away from exclusive commercial use for its final 41-acre parcel at Alameda Landing.


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Planning Board Seeks High End Retail Mix for Alameda Landing

A Top Grade Construction crane begins demolition of WWII era buildings in Alameda to prepare the ground for Alameda Landing in July, 2012. (File photo)

By Erica Madison

“Please keep the bar high,” board member Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft said at a recent Planning Board meeting about Alameda Landing.

Ashcraft and Lorre Zuppan were concerned […]

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ProLogis/Catellus Problems Too

Not to be outdone by SunCal, ProLogis reported financial challenges this week, as their CEO resigned and they halted planned projects and cut dividends. ProLogis owns Catellus, which is the master developer for the Alameda Landing project. The Austin Business Journal reported that ProLogis is halting construction nationwide. No word yet if that includes Alameda […]

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