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Trust Partnership Buys Sierra Lands

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that a land trust partnership just acquired 982 acres of wilderness in the Sierras. If there is the political will and public demand to put Alameda Point into a land trust, there is a way, despite what they naysayers try to tell us.

City of Alameda Mystified at Source of $700 Million Figure

See below to a link to San Francisco CBS 5 coverage of the Save Our City! Alameda press conference at Alameda Point in advance of the Wednesday January 7th meeting of the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment agency. Special Assistant Deputy City Manager Lisa Goldman (one of many on the City Manager’s staff) appears mystified by […]

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Alameda Sun Op-ed Piece Supporting Public Trust Idea

Be sure to read the Alameda Sun’s December 25th Op-ed piece by Dennis Green, arguing the case of a public land trust at Alameda Point, instead of SunCal’s plans for houses.

Impact of Redevelopment in Alameda on Public Services

“Redevelopment” – technically known as “tax increment financing” – is alive and well in Alameda, and impacting our ability to fund general services for citizens. The redevelopment mechanism allows the City of Alameda to issue bonds to fund land improvement projects, and the debt is paid back with increased property taxes (the tax increment) resulting […]

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