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Upcoming Meetings on Alameda City Manager Candidates

Tomorrow and Saturday, at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., respectively, the City of Alameda will hold special meetings pertaining to the selecting of a new full-time City Manager. Both meetings are open for public comment on the agenda items only, for a maximum of 3 minutes.


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Alameda City Council Approves an Aggressive Clunker Removal Program

“Over the past seven months the public has complained about our streets becoming board walks, said City Manager Ann Marie Gallant. Gallant was referring to a new plan to improve parking on residential streets, so the streets won’t become boardwalks for recreational vehicles. “We have a difficult time with boats unattached to trailers,” Said Gallant. […]

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City Manager Says That Securing Funds to Fight Rat Infestation is Not Alameda City Council’s Responsibility

During a Dec. 2, City Council meeting, issues regarding a $3 million repayment of Alameda’s sewer fund was debated. Work on removing the debris from the Fleet Industrial Supply Center’s (FISC) burned down hospital, is almost finished. In order to complete the work of demolishing the hospital and cleaning up the area, the CIC had to borrow $3 million from the sewer fund. […]

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