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Community Learning Center Schools Staff Changes

Annahita Rad, Jana Chabre, Annalisa Moore, David Hoopes, Jeremy Goodreau (Photo: K. Bitzer)

Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS) has announced changes in the leadership teams at CLCS, Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) and Nea Community Learning Center (Nea), the latter two being public charter schools.


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Charter School Lawyers Yield to New Information, Promise of Legal Action, and Release Some Public Records

Provided with new information, and the promise of legal action, attorneys for Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS), which runs two public charter schools in Alameda, relented yesterday and released some of the public records they had just last week refused to release.


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Charter School Stonewalls on Public Records Request

Community Learning Center Schools officials are stonewalling on a public records request in the wake of the termination of Nea founder Maafi Gueye. (Nea)

Officials at Community Learning Center Schools, the non-profit public benefit corporation that is the parent of Nea and Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) public charter schools, are stonewalling on a […]

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AUSD Board to Vote on Charter School Lease Facilities Agreement Tonight

The Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees is expected to vote tonight on a facilities lease agreement for two charter schools. (File Photo)

After a tumultuous week, parents at the Nea and Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) public schools may get some clarity on an outstanding facilities question tonight.


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Charter Board Ousts Nea Founder

The Community Learning Center Schools board voted last night to terminate Nea founder Maafi Gueye. (Nea)

The board of directors for Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS), which oversees the Nea public charter K-12 school in Alameda, voted to formally terminate without cause Lead Facilitator and Co-founder Maafi Gueye last night.


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Nea Students Protest Dismissal of a Popular Administrator

Students from the Nea Community Learning Center, a public charter school, took to the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Webster Street this morning to protest the dismissal last week of a popular administrator.

Eyewitnesses submitted photos to Action Alameda News.

Nea students protest the dismissal of a popular administrator, April 22, 2014.

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Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS) Accrues Balance via Nea

Dear Editor,

Alameda’s Nea Community Learning Center (NeaCLC) k-12 public school has an ending fund balance of almost $1,200,000. Unfortunately the Nea executive director, and financial representative who assists the school with budgeting reports was unaware the money was classified as “unrestricted.”

The money has accumulated in recent years like roll-over minutes for cell […]

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Charter School Board May Face Tough Slogging Ahead, Due to its Own Recent Decisions

Community Learning Centers Schools seems set to move the ACLC and Nea charter schools into this 3rd Street location. (Google Street View)

Although it was probably not intended, two decisions last week by the governing board of Community Learning Center Schools, (CLCS) the non-profit that runs the Alameda Community Learning Center and Nea public […]

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Nea Charter School Administration Change has Parents Raging

The decision to place Nea Lead Facilitator Maafi Gueye on administrative leave has parents outraged. (Nea)

An announcement on Friday afternoon from Community Learning Center Schools Board President Joan Uhler that Nea charter school lead facilitator has been placed on administrative leave has local parents outraged.


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School District, ACLC, Nea Charter Schools Still Negotiating Site Locations

The school district and Community Learning Center Schools are still negotiating over campus locations for ACLC and Nea for the 2014 to 2015 school year. (File Photo)

A letter released to parents today by Joan Uhler, Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS) Board President, says that the charter school organization has agreed to extend negotiations […]

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