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Twice As Many Rent Control Measures Now On The November Ballot

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer on the dais, Tuesday, July 19. (Still frame from city council meeting recording)

Alameda city council’s March rent control ordinance will appear on the November ballot for voter ratification as an ordinance, rather than a chart amendment, a distinction that may have cleared the way for unanimous support for […]

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Mayor Files Campaign Committee Termination Statement

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer has closed her local campaign committee for the time being. (File Photo)

The treasurer for Mayor Trish Spencer’s campaign committee for her 2014 election run has sent committee termination documents into the Secretary of State offices in Sacramento.


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Mayor Appoints Ashcraft as Transportation Commission Representative

The City of Alameda has representatives on some 37 regional boards and commissions. (File photo.)

At a special meeting of City Council earlier this week, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore appointed Councilmember Marilyn Ashcraft to the City of Alameda’s representative seat on the Alameda County Transportation Commission.


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