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Planning Board to Consider Density Bonus Application for Alameda Landing

A Top Grade Construction crane begins demolition of WWII era buildings in Alameda to prepare the ground for Alameda Landing in July, 2012. (File photo)

At next week’s meeting, the Alameda Planning Board will consider a density bonus application from Catellus and TriPointe Homes to build 275 residential housing units at Alameda Landing.


Planning Board Approves Boatworks Density Bonus Application and Parcel Map

On Monday evening, the Alameda Planning Board approved a density bonus application, and a tentative parcel map for the “Boatworks” project, a 9.48 acre, 182 residential unit project at the corner of Clement Street and Oak Street.


SunCal Submits Measure A Compliant Plan for Alameda Point Including 3,510 New Homes

Yesterday, SunCal submitted to the City of Alameda an “Optional Entitlement Application” (OEA) development plan for Alameda Point that includes 3,510 new homes and the redevelopment of roughly 202 existing residential units. The plan includes approximately 4.57 million square feet of commercial uses.


Planned Hearing on Density Bonus Ordinance Cancelled

The City of Alameda has informed us that a hearing on the Density Bonus Ordinance and inclusionary housing requirements that was planned for July 21 has been cancelled, with no further explanation.

Public Hearing on Ordinance to Reduce Affordable Housing Requirements from 25% to 15%

On July 21, Alameda City Council will hold a public hearing on a new ordinance that attempts to bring into agreement the City’s inclusionary affordable housing requirement (25%) and the proposed density bonus ordinance (15%) for the redevelopment project areas West End Community Improvement Project (WECIP) and the Business and Waterfront Improvement District (BWIP.)


Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Even Duped Alameda Sympathizers With Revitalization Initiative

Critics of SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative have often been pejoratively, and mistakenly, labeled “anti-development” and needlessly distrustful of the “big bad developer.” But it’s coming to light, as SunCal tries to slink away from Alameda back to SoCal, that they duped even their most ardent sympathizers within Alameda. Perhaps now some of those who [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Likely to Abuse the Density Bonus to Get Another 1,500 Homes

For the past couple of years, we’ve suggested that exercising the density bonus law might be a valid way to build no more than 2,000 homes at Alameda Point to side-step Measure A where low-income and senior housing is provided, to allow for a mixed-use, transit-oriented-development. It seems that SunCal is ready to abuse the [...]

Alameda Density Bonus Ordinance Discussion Continued to Next Meeting

Citing lack of complete documentation from city staff, and lack of overall comprehension of the potential impacts to the city from the proposed density bonus ordinance, the City of Alameda Planning Board voted to continue discussion of the proposed ordinance to the next planning board meeting.

Draft Alameda Density Bonus Ordinance on Agenda for March 9 Planning Board Meeting

At their March 9th meeting, Alameda’s Planning Board will consider the first draft of a Density Bonus Ordinance for Alameda. The State density bonus law provides for higher-density, transit-oriented-development projects that would side-step Measure A when low-income housing is built. Alameda’s ordinance codifies how that would work in Alameda, and how higher-density transit-oriented-development can occur [...]

Update to Planning Board Future Agenda Items

ITEM 6-A Alameda Planning Board Page 1 of 1 Staff Report 6-A Meeting of January 26, 2009 City of Alameda Memorandum To: President Kohlstrand and Members of the Planning Board From: Jon Biggs, Planning Services Manager Andrew Thomas, Planning Services Manager Date: January 26, 2009 Re: Future Agenda Items


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