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Planning Board Session to Study Land Uses and Building Heights for Encinal Terminals

The planning board will review uses and building heights for the Encinal Terminals project at an upcoming meeting.

North Waterfront LLC, the developer for the Encinal Terminals site, has submitted a draft master plan for the site that includes buildings as high as 90 feet and 250 feet (22 stories), higher than the […]

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End-Game For Controversial School District Land Swap Becomes Clear

A complicated land swap between the City of Alameda and the school district was a key enabler to the development of the Encinal Terminals site.

The end-game for a controversial 2014 land swap between the City of Alameda and the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) is now clear, as the Planning Board for the […]

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Land Swap to Cover Past AUSD Land Swap Mistakes

A proposed, complicated, land swap will effectively reverse a past decision by the school district to trade Mastick School for waterfront land that could never be home to a school.

City and school district officials are still refusing to release closed session details pertaining to the development of a complicated land swap deal, but […]

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Alameda City Council Members Express Mixed Views on Encinal Zoning Application

By Erica Madison

“I’m not one for stealing”, said Council member Matarrese at a Dec. 1, 2009, City Council meeting.


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