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Mayor, Proponents, File Rebuttals On Utility Modernization Act Ballot Measure

Alameda’s Mayor is at odds with her fellow electeds over a utility tax measure on the ballot this November. (Alameda Municipal Power office – File Photo)

Proponents of a utility tax measure, and Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer, in opposition, have filed rebuttal statements with regards to the Utility Modernization Act, a city-sponsored measure […]

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City Of Alameda Preps For Utility Tax Ballot Measure In Fall

A fall ballot measure from the City of Alameda combines Alameda Municipal Fund transfers with a utility users tax update.

The City of Alameda is prepping Alameda voters for a ballot measure in the fall that would modernize a local utility tax, and, perhaps most importantly, have voters affirm an annual transfer of funds […]

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