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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Construction Just Moves Homeless Elsewhere

New signs have been posted at the perimeter of the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. (Action Alameda News)

City authorities have cleared the campers from the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park to start construction, but residents are complaining that the homeless haven’t been helped.


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City To Take Action On Homeless Encampments

A wide-open gate provides access to the Jean Sweeney Open Space park area, August 2016. (File photo.)

The City of Alameda is launching a multi-pronged response to encampments in the Belt Line Railway property and the homelessness issue in general.


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Recession Has a Positive Impact on Alameda County’s Fight to End Homelessness

By Erica Madison

According to a new report released at the end of July by Alameda County the homeless population is down 13.6%.


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