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Mayor Gilmore’s 36% of the vote four years ago cries out for runoff elections

Opinion, by Leland Traiman.

At the last city council meeting Mayor Gilmore pointed to Mayor-Elect Trish Spencer’s 120 vote margin of victory and proclaimed that it was not a mandate for change. This sad and inappropriate display of sour grapes came from a mayor who, despite seven years as a city councilmember prior to […]

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Marie Gilmore Concedes Alameda Mayoral Race

At an 11am press conference this morning, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore conceded the mayoral re-election to challenger Trish Spencer.

(Raw video by Adam Gillitt…)

Alameda Mayor’s Race Updated

Update: November 12, 9am –The registrar counted no ballots yesterday, Veterans Day, so there are no new numbers. City of Alameda officials announced that Mayor Gilmore would hold a press conference at Alameda City Hall at 11am today.

With the final ‘re-make’ ballots counted – a team of two people in the registrar of voters’ […]

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Spencer Still Ahead in Mayoral Race

Updated: Sun. Nov. 9th, 5:45pm –Updated unofficial vote counts posted to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website show Spencer’s lead widening to 127 votes. 10,243 for Spencer and 10,116 votes for Gilmore. Updated vote counts from the Registrar of Voters office show Alameda Mayoral challenger Trish Spencer still leading Mayor Marie Gilmore by 58 […]

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Alameda Mayoral Race Livens Up

Clockwise from top, Susan Sperry, City Clerk Lara Weisiger, Trish Spencer. (Facebook)

It was looking like a second term by acclamation for Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore, as she was the only candidate to have pulled papers to run for Mayor in this fall’s election. But then two other candidates showed up at the city […]

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Alameda Firefighters Head Into Election with Treasure Chest

Alameda firefighters head into election season with $45,000 to spend on favored candidates.

The Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee war chest has a $45,000 balance just weeks before the traditional Labor Day kick-off to the fall election season.


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Your New Alameda City Council Lineup

Three new City of Alameda councilmembers were sworn-in last night.

Alameda Superior Court Judge Delbert Gee swore-in three new Alameda City Councilmembers last night, and the returning City Auditor and Treasurer.


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Alameda Firefighters Continue Campaign Contributions Through 2011

The Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee continued making campaign contributions to local officials through the first half of this year, giving $10,500 to sitting Alameda Councilmembers.


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Alameda Residents Cry for Criminal Prosecution Over Beach Drowning Tragedy

By Erica Madison

Last week, Alameda residents expressed their anger over the Robert Crown Memorial Beach drowning at a special joint meeting of the Alameda City Council, Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority and Community Improvement Commission.


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Nimbys vs. Newbies

by Dennis Green

One of the local Alameda blogs, “Blogging Bayport,” describes its opponents, the preservationists, as “Nimbys” — Not In My Back Yard. Most of the fans of that website, and one a little more subtle in its bias, Michele Ellson’s “The Island,” frequented by many of the same partisans as Bayport, are regarded […]

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