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Your New Alameda City Council Lineup

Three new City of Alameda councilmembers were sworn-in last night.

Alameda Superior Court Judge Delbert Gee swore-in three new Alameda City Councilmembers last night, and the returning City Auditor and Treasurer.


Alameda Firefighters Continue Campaign Contributions Through 2011

The Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee continued making campaign contributions to local officials through the first half of this year, giving $10,500 to sitting Alameda Councilmembers.


Alameda Residents Cry for Criminal Prosecution Over Beach Drowning Tragedy

By Erica Madison

Last week, Alameda residents expressed their anger over the Robert Crown Memorial Beach drowning at a special joint meeting of the Alameda City Council, Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority and Community Improvement Commission.


Nimbys vs. Newbies

by Dennis Green

One of the local Alameda blogs, “Blogging Bayport,” describes its opponents, the preservationists, as “Nimbys” — Not In My Back Yard. Most of the fans of that website, and one a little more subtle in its bias, Michele Ellson’s “The Island,” frequented by many of the same partisans as Bayport, are regarded [...]

Thirteen Candidates Appear at AAPS Candidates Forum at Alameda Point

Roughly 75 people turned out last night at the Auctions by the Bay Theater at Alameda Point, to see thirteen Alameda City Council and Mayoral candidates, who are vying for three seats, participate in a forum sponsored by the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society.


Latest Lena Tam Affair Attorney Letters Released

Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam has apparently filed a claim with the City of Alameda to have the City reimburse her for legal fees incurred in her defense of the allegations of misconduct against her. Apparently as a result of that claim, the City of Alameda, and subsequently, through a public records request, Action Alameda [...]

Can Alameda City Step Into the 21st Century?

By Erica Madison

Interim city manager Ann Marie Gallant wants to create a city wide record and retention policy, which brings about the question: can Alameda City digitize their records?


City of Alameda Not to Sue Councilmember Lena Tam

By Erica Madison

The purpose of the special Alameda City Council meeting on September 9, 2010 was to ultimately determine if the City of Alameda should bring a civil suit against Councilmember Lena Tam.


City Council Candidate Gillitt Says Alameda Democratic Club Process Flawed

Correction: 11:02 a.m., September 15th, Adam Gillitt wrote to say that the CADC HQ opened August 22nd, not the 29th, as originally reported.

Tonight, the City of Alameda Democratic Club is expected to endorse candidates for Alameda City Council and Mayoral elections. Registered Democrat and Alameda City Council Candidate Adam Gillitt says that he plans [...]

Thank You, Council, For Standing Up For Alameda!

Dear Editor,

I was among the many Alameda residents who attended the city council meeting last Tuesday, July 20, to urge the council to reject SunCal’s Optional Entitlement Application (OEA) and refuse to extend SunCal’s Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA). The ENA was to expire on July 20th and the recent application included a plan that [...]


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