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CalTrans Grants Extension for Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Funding

Trish Spencer, Dorothy Freeman, Amy Wooldridge, Jim Sweeney. (Courtesy photo)

Yesterday, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) commissioners granted a 3 month extension for funding for the Cross Alameda Trail through the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. The commission received more than 70 letters from across Alameda in support of the extension.


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Mayor’s Email That Caused Furor Was Asking About Alleged Racial Discrimination By A Police Officer

The Mayor’s inquiry into allegations of racial bias on the part of a police officer sparked a backlash. (Action Alameda News)

Mayor Trish Spencer’s action that prompted a sharp rebuke from the Alameda Police Officers Association early last month looks to be a request to the chief of police to discuss a resident’s allegation of […]

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Alameda Police Officers Association Rips Mayor, Praises Chief

The Alameda Police Officers association ripped the mayor over her inquiry into a citizens complaint. (Google Street View)

In a September 7th letter to the city manager, Alameda Police Officers Association president Alan Kuboyama ripped Mayor Trish Spencer for her inquiries to the police department over the handling of a dispute between two neighbors.


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Mayor Explains “No” Vote on City Manager Hire

On Tuesday, Alameda City Council voted 4-1 to hire Moraga Town Manager Jill Keimach as City Manager for Alameda. (Town of Moraga website.)

Yesterday evening, from Washington, D.C., where she’s traveling, Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer explained her lone “no” vote on the hiring of Moraga Town Manager Jill Keimach as City Manager for Alameda.


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