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SunCal’s Failed Measure B Cost City of Alameda $279,629.61. City Asks SunCal to Pay

According to a letter sent to SunCal by the City of Alameda, SunCal’s failed February 2, 2010 Measure B ballot measure election cost the City $279,629.61. The Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant is asking SunCal to make good on an offer to pay for the special election.


SunCal Withdraws Their Latest Request in the Wee Hours

In the wee hours yesterday morning, SunCal withdrew their request to the City of Alameda for a 60-day “tolling agreement” in association with their March 22nd deadline to provide an alternate development plan for Alameda Point that complies with City laws and SunCal’s Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with the City.


SunCal’s Request for a Tolling Period on City’s Agenda for Tuesday Night

Earlier this week, SunCal sent a letter to the City of Alameda, requesting a 60-day “tolling period” regarding the Notice of Default that the City issued to SunCal on February 4th, after the Measure B election.


Post Post-Exit Poll on Measure B – Why Did You Vote No?

When we released our “Why did you vote ‘no’ on Measure B” poll on November 19th, we posted it in a static page, and never in an article in the main newsfeed. Now’s the time to correct that, and here it is.


SunCal Flailing in Wake of Measure B Defeat

Tuesday night’s City Council discussion over SunCal’s requests to the City of an extension of their exclusive negotiation agreement (ENA) for Alameda Point, and for the Council to veto the Interim City Manager’s notice of default on the ENA, turned out to be a non-event as SunCal didn’t show for the meeting, and by the [...]

Local Media Dust-up Pits Alameda Geezer Against Island Newcomer

Earlier this week, we published a letter to the editor from Dennis Green, an Alameda writer who has written “Geezerville” columns for both Action Alameda News and the Alameda Sun. Michele Ellson, a relative newcomer to Alameda, and local correspondent for the Alameda Journal, and the publisher of The Island, a hyper-local news website, took [...]

American Institute of Architects Discusses Alameda-Oakland Estuary Crossings Problem

The East Bay chapter of the American Institute of Architects is hosting a panel discussion and town hall forum, which will discuss the challenge of providing estuary crossing links between Oakland and Alameda.


Some Folks in Denial Over Measure B Defeat

Dear  Editor:

Some folks are still in denial, like John Knox White, (Alameda Journal, “My Turn” Feb. 5), folks who think that SunCal’s plan for the Point was just fine, and that we opposed it only because of the messy details. Wrong. We opposed it for the very reasons he supported it — dense housing.


Interim City Manager Denies SunCal Allegations Over Density at Alameda Point

In an e-mail response to the City of Alameda’s Notice of Default to SunCal regarding the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) between the City and SunCal, SunCal’s local representative Pat Keliher wrote “On numerous occasions, the Interim City Manager maintains that a Measure A compliant plan is not financially feasible. At several of our meetings, she [...]

Open Letter to Alameda City Council from Juan Blanco Prada

The following is an open letter to Alameda City Council, copied to the media for publication.

Dear Council Members,

We have just gone through an unnecessary election that has cost us upwards of $300,000. It was a misuse of a very important tool of our state democratic system, the citizen-supported ballot initiative. The result leaves [...]


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