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Planning Board Design Review for New Emergency Operations Center

The City of Alameda is moving forward with plans for a new Emergency Operations Center on Grand Street.

On January 27th, the City of Alameda Planning Board will hold a design review hearing to consider a new Emergency Operations Center on Grand Street.


City to Purchase New Fire Department Vehicles

The City of Alameda is planning to purchase five new fire department staff vehicles. (File Photo)

At tomorrow night’s Alameda City Council meeting, City Manager John Russo will present a recommendation to spend $189,400 to replace five fire department staff vehicles, and $152,000 to update an ambulance to a new chassis.


City Moves Forward With Fire Station #3 Replacement

City to review designs for a new Fire Station #3. (File photo.)

The City of Alameda is holding an architectural design public meeting to discuss a proposal for a new Fire Station #3 which would include an Emergency Operations Center.


Alameda Police Department to buy $174,000 Armored Tactical Vehicle

The Alameda Police Department wants to buy a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) vehicle for $174,000

Citing a growing need for a special response/rescue vehicle to respond to emergency incidents, such as terrorist attacks, the Alameda Police Department wants to spend $174,000 to buy a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) vehicle to add to its [...]

Updated Campaign Financing Statements on Measure C Election

Semi-annual campaign disclosure filings provide an updated picture of financing for the June 5th sales tax increase ballot measure, Measure C. The measure failed at the ballot.


Alameda Fire Chief to Get New SUV

Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi will get a new $36,000 sport utility vehicle (SUV) as a command car if Alameda City Council approves a staff recommendation next Tuesday night. The fire department also wants to replace a 2003 fire engine, a 1995 aerial ladder truck and a 2005 paramedic van.


Alameda Fire Department Takes Delivery of New, Tractor-drawn Aerial Ladder Truck

Almost one month to the date that Alameda voters rejected a sales tax increase that would have spent new revenues on equipment purchases for the Alameda Fire Department, the Department took delivery of a new tractor-drawn aerial ladder truck.


City Calls for Bids for Janitorial Service and HVAC Systems in City Buildings

Earlier this week, Alameda City Council approved calls for bids for janitorial service and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance in city facilities, including Fire Station #5 and a building at Alameda Point used by the fire department for training.


Final Measure C Ballot Counts In

Alameda County has finished counting all ballots from the June 5th primary election. The total number of votes increased, but the results for Measure C did not.


Measure C Election Results

Measure C did not pass – it needed a 2/3rds majority ‘yes’ vote to pass. With all 45 precincts reporting, Measure C has only 50.29% of the vote.

All 45 precincts reporting Yes 5816 50.29 No 5748 49.71