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Alameda Theater Still Not Delivering on Retail Sales Tax Promise

Boosters of the cineplex attached to the Alameda Theater and the butt-ugly seven-story parking garage – imagine! a seven story parking garage in a town that preaches public transit and non-automobile alternatives! – promised that the development would generate a retail sales tax boon for City coffers. Another quarter has passed, another city staff […]

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Former Central Cinema Owner May Re-Open Parkway Theater

According to, Mark Haskett, the former owner of Central Cinema in Alameda, is in discussions with the landlords for the Parkway Theater, with a view to potentially re-open it.


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Megaplex $540,000 Lawsuit Settlement Paid by Taxpayers, Not Insurance

Previously, we reported that the City of Alameda settled a lawsuit with the owners of Video Maniacs over the former video store at the corner of Oak and Central, which the City took by eminent domain to build the Parking Garage and multiplex. The City has confirmed to us that property tax dollars, and not […]

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Video Maniacs Settlement Costs City of Alameda $540,000

The Alameda Megaplex and Civic Center Parking Structure just keeps costing the City of Alameda more money. We just received a copy of an agreement to settle a lawsuit between the City of Alameda and the owners of Video Maniacs, who had their property at the corner of Oak and Central Ave. taken from them […]

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Short Notes from City of Alameda CAFR for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2008

The City of Alameda Comprehensive Annual Financial Review (CAFR) document is not online yet, but a copy was available for review at last night’s City Council meeting. Here are two quick items of interest from the report.


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Movie Theatre Generates No Direct Sales Tax

Despite claims from City Hall that the new Alameda Civic Center Parking Garage and attached cineplex will invigorate the downtown Alameda core and bring in new sales tax revenue, the fact remains that there is no sales tax on movie theatre admissions. Nor is there sales tax on such cineplex staples as popcorn, bottled water […]

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Historic Alameda Theatre Open

So the restored historica Alameda theatre is open – hurray! There wasn’t anybody in Alameda that didn’t want the historic theatre restored. But many people didn’t want a multi-screen Alameda cineplex, or the obscene parking garage, or the $40 million of debt to go along with it. Alameda residents will pay for a long time […]

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Photos Show Parking Garage Much Higher Than Advertised

A photo survey by readers and submitted to Action Alameda News Blog shows that the Civic Center Parking Garage is much higher than the Twin Towers United Church, whereas during the planning for the garage, the City advertised that it would be no higher than the top of the towers of the church.

The posterboards […]

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