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Final Reading of Park Street North of Lincoln Zoning Changes Tonight

Alameda City Council is expected to pass tonight with little discussion an ordinance that would implement zoning changes to support the Park Street “gateway” plan, also known as the Park Street North of Lincoln plan.


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North Park Street Rezoning Hearing Delayed

A hearing scheduled for tomorrow on a package of zoning changes for the North Park Street area has been pulled from the agenda and rescheduled for April 2nd, 2013. The City of Alameda explained that the change is due to the 220 page document package not including all pertinent information.

Alameda City Council to Vote on Park Street Gateway Plan

Alameda City Council will entertain a first reading, Tuesday, March 19th, of draft zoning text and map amendments to support the North Park Street Gateway Strategic Plan.


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Park Street Height Limits to Go Up

A 40′ height limit for Park Street buildings may soon be deleted from Alameda’s General Plan. (File photo.)

A 40 foot height limit for buildings on Park Street may soon go the way of the main street’s former auto businesses, according to a plan to be presented to the City of Alameda Planning Board […]

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Keep 2413 Buena Vista on the Historical Registry

Dear Editor,

This is a copy of the letter I sent to the city council.

Patsy Paul


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