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Alameda Renters May Have to Wait for Summer for Rising Rent Relief

Any municipal code or rent review advisory council changes to respond to rising rents may not come until May of this year. (File photo)

Any changes to the Alameda Municipal Code (AMC), or Rent Review Advisory Council (RRAC) processes, to help Alameda renters cope with rapidly raising rents, may not come until the […]

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City Changes Course on Rental Cost Task Force

Alameda City Council asked former city council candidate Jeff Cambra to facilitate a community discussion about rental cost issues in Alameda.

Alameda City Council swerved in the road Tuesday evening enroute to launching a task force to study rental costs in Alameda.


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Rent Review Advisory Council Meets Tonight

A new case involving 2045 Clinton Avenue is before the Rent Review Advisory Committee this evening. (Google Street View)

Alameda’s Rent Review Advisory Council meets tonight. Among the items under consideration is a new case regarding four units at 2045 Clinton Avenue, a four-story apartment block.


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