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Alameda City Council is Divided Over New Alameda Point Vision

By Erica Madison

On July 27 during a special Alameda City Council meeting, Councilmember Matarrese said the vision for Alameda Point needed to be focused around job creation and commercial development.


Alameda Point Plan Straw Poll Closed – Here Are The Results

Over the weekend, we closed the straw poll which asked people what sort of plan they would prefer for Alameda Point, ranging from a “next to none” houses option to SunCal’s plan for over 4,800 homes. Here are the results.


Alameda Point Info Website Launched to Cover SunCal Ballot Initiative

An informal group of Alameda residents has put together a website that examines the SunCal ballot initiative and Alameda Point.


Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Signature Gatherers Go Door-to-Door, Begging, and Telling Lies

We’ve had reports for a couple of weeks now that SunCal’s signature gatherers are going door-to-door to ask for signatures for their petition – a long and arduous task. But what we heard yesterday takes the cake – they are now begging for money.


Revitalize Alameda Point – How SunCal’s Soccer Plans Go Awry

Albuquerque, New Mexico residents are finding out the hard way that SunCal’s promises of soccer field parks aren’t always kept, as the New Mexico Independent reports.


Revitalize Alameda Point – Taxpayer Bailout of SunCal May Be Unlimited

Having typed this up in response to questions we’ve received, we thought we might as well post it here. SunCal is looking for taxpayer-financing for pretty much every element – infrastructure, fire stations, fire equipment, library, etc. – of their Alameda Point proposal except for the for-profit housing and commercial buildings. As best we can [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – Save Our City! Alameda Releases New Video

This week, Save Our City! Alameda released a new video promoting the re-use of buildings at Alameda Point for green-collar job creation and sustainable energy research – expanding on the existing companies there – as an alternative to SunCal’s plans for almost 5,000 homes and un-bearable traffic.


Revitalize Alameda Point – Documentary on Fraudulent Signature Collection Tactics

Readers have directed us to this video, below, about how Arno Political Consultants – the company providing the signature gatherers here in Alameda for SunCal – used fraudulent tactics in Massachussetts to get signatures for an anti-gay marriage petition. A former employee reveals how she was trained by the company to deceive voters.


Revitalize Alameda Point – Background On The Paid Signature Gatherers

Thank you to Michele Ellson of The Island for tracking down this report on the abuses of paid-signature gatherers, including Arno Political Consulting, the group providing the pen people here in Alameda. Here are a couple of excerpts from the report on questionable tactics used by Arno – some of which Alameda residents may recognize.


SunCal’s Signature Gatherers – Did They Deceive You?

Here is a photo of one of SunCal’s paid signature gatherers – let us know if this person duped you into signing their petition, and when it where happened and what they said to you. Send us email to the address in the top right corner.