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No Response from Bonta’s Office on Schools Funding Question

18th Assembly District Representative Rob Bonta

Representatives from 18th Assembly District Representative Rob Bonta’s office have not yet responded to a schools funding question submitted to them earlier this week.


Bonta Bill Dies, is Dead

A Rob Bonta bill intended to help the school district has been adjourned sine die. (File Photo)

A bill introduced early this year by California 18th Assembly District freshman representative Rob Bonta, AB59, intended to somehow save the Alameda Unified School District from having to refund millions of dollars in illegally collected parcel taxes, and [...]

Bonta Bill on Parcel Taxes Languishes

A bill introduced by Rob Bonta, representative for California Assembly District 18, is languishing in committee in the capitol. Bill AB59 was intended to save the Alameda Unified School District from having to refund millions of dollars to Alameda commercial property owners, after its 2008 parcel tax, Measure H, was ruled partially illegal.

However, since [...]

Your New Alameda City Council Lineup

Three new City of Alameda councilmembers were sworn-in last night.

Alameda Superior Court Judge Delbert Gee swore-in three new Alameda City Councilmembers last night, and the returning City Auditor and Treasurer.


Alameda Firefighters Give $10,300 to Rob Bonta

This article has been updated to correct the $10,300 figure from the previous figure reported in error.

New campaign filings show that the Alameda firefighters union made $10,300 in campaign donations to Alameda Councilmember and would-be state assemblyman Rob Bonta during the second six months of 2011.


Alameda Firefighters Continue Campaign Contributions Through 2011

The Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee continued making campaign contributions to local officials through the first half of this year, giving $10,500 to sitting Alameda Councilmembers.


City Says Gallant Firing Legal, Brown Act Compliant

In a press release issued yesterday by Lisa Goldman, Acting City Manager for the City of Alameda, the City said that the Council’s actions on December 28th, including the firing of former Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant, were legal and in compliance with the Brown Act.


Alameda County Seeks to Change EMS Preference for Alameda Hospital

The Emergency Medical Services Division of the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Public Health Department is looking to review a three-old preference for Alameda Hospital in County Emergency Medical Services practice, as the current practice is “not in the best interests of patient care.”


Nimbys vs. Newbies

by Dennis Green

One of the local Alameda blogs, “Blogging Bayport,” describes its opponents, the preservationists, as “Nimbys” — Not In My Back Yard. Most of the fans of that website, and one a little more subtle in its bias, Michele Ellson’s “The Island,” frequented by many of the same partisans as Bayport, are regarded [...]

Candidate Adam Gillitt Says Online Comment Confirms City of Alameda Democratic Club Manipulation

Alameda City Council Candidate Adam Gillitt claims that an online comment posted by a City of Alameda Democratic Club volunteer confirms what he says was manipulation of the election process at the Club’s voter registration table at the recent Webster Street Jam. Action Alameda News has confirmed the comment with its author.