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Save Our City! Alameda Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

[We received this letter in regards to the Save Our City! Alameda alternate development plan for Alameda Point.]

Dear Editor,

Interestingly, I sent a letter to the Alameda Sun a couple of days ago. In that letter I pointed out the contamination issues, that the types of development planned are obsolete and not appropriate [...]

Federal Funds Exist for a Science and Technology Park at Alameda Point

Some have criticized the alternate plan for Alameda Point from Save Our City! Alameda for lacking specifics on where the money will come from to spark a new generation of green technology companies at Alameda Point. But a federal loan for electric car maker Tesla Motors validates the plan and demonstrates how it can work.


Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal’s Plan Will Make You Late For Work

Save Our City! Alameda released a new video today.

Alternative to Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

There is an alternative to SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative – one that focuses on high-paying jobs for Alameda, reduced traffic on our bridges and tubes as a result of that job creation, and a science and technology center at Alameda Point with a mission to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. You can see [...]

Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Plan for Alameda Point

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Development Plan for Alameda Point


Pom-Poms for Eve Pearlman

We’re now taking donations for the Eve Pearlman pom-pom fund. Eve is the City’s biggest booster and cheerleader, as confirmed by her recent article in the Alameda Journal trying to defend the state of the City’s finances.


Interview with David Howard of Save Our City! Alameda

We spoke at length with David Howard, Spokesperson for Save Our City! Alameda, about SOCA’s ideas for Alameda Point, and their concerns over SunCal’s Plan.


The Don Roberts Show with David Howard, January 14

Watch The Don Roberts Show online. This week, Don talks with David Howard, the Chair of Action Alameda, about fire station brownouts and the Save Our City! Alameda ‘Say No to SunCal’ television ad.

Alameda On The Edge: A Presentation on the Budget Crisis

Save Our City! Alameda with The Alameda Public Affairs Forum presents:

Alameda On The Edge: Alameda’s Budget Crisis, the Impact on Public Services, and the Future of Alameda Point


Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson Defends Rotating Fire Station Closures

Less than a week after low-level City of Alameda functionaries appeared on the news trying to dismiss claims by Save Our City! Alameda that the city is in dire financial straits, Mayor Johnson and Council member Frank Mataresse were on the local news themselves defending cuts to fire services and fire station “brownouts.”



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