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Poll: Is the Proposed Land Swap a Fair Deal for the Alameda Unified School District?

City of Alameda and school district officials announced a complex land swap deal this week that would see cash and property exchange hands. School district trustee Trish Spencer asked to see property appraisals for all of the land in question, to be able to do her fiduciary duty for the school district; AUSD Superintendent […]

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Land Swap to Cover Past AUSD Land Swap Mistakes

A proposed, complicated, land swap will effectively reverse a past decision by the school district to trade Mastick School for waterfront land that could never be home to a school.

City and school district officials are still refusing to release closed session details pertaining to the development of a complicated land swap deal, but […]

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Complicated AUSD Land Deal Back Before the Board

A complex land deal is back before the school district board tomorrow.

A complex land for swimming-pool-fixes swap comes before the Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees tomorrow.


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School Board Confirms No Appraisal for Parcels to be Traded for Swimming Pool Fixes

The Alameda Unified School District has confirmed that they don’t know the value of land they were planning to give to the City of Alameda in return for swimming pool fixes.

A spokesperson for the Alameda Unified School District has confirmed that the district does not know the value of waterfront Tidelands Trust land […]

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School Board Pool Deal on the Agenda Tonight

The school board will consider a deal last night to raise funds to fix the swimming pools. (File Photo)

In return for the City of Alameda advancing $1.9 million, and effectively loaning $1.15 million to the Alameda Unified School District to fix the Encinal Swim center, the school board is expected to approve a […]

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Alameda City Council is Divided Over New Alameda Point Vision

By Erica Madison

On July 27 during a special Alameda City Council meeting, Councilmember Matarrese said the vision for Alameda Point needed to be focused around job creation and commercial development.


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