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SunCal’s Amended Refiling of Lawsuit Against City of Alameda Deficient On Procedural Point

Court documents show that SunCal’s amended refiling of their lawsuit against the City of Alameda in the proper venue, the U.S. Northern District of California Court, was filed manually, on paper, and should have been filed electronically. The error by SunCal’s attorneys, Miller Barondess, explains why records of the amended lawsuit are not yet [...]

SunCal Re-Files Lawsuit Against the City of Alameda in Proper Venue

Earlier this week, SunCal made an announcement that they have filed an amended lawsuit against the City of Alameda in federal court. It appears that the move by SunCal is an attempt to get the case filed in the proper venue.


City of Alameda Moves to Dismiss or Transfer SunCal Federal Lawsuit

In a filing last month in United States District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division, attorneys for the City of Alameda asked the court to dismiss SunCal’s breach of contract lawsuit against the City of Alameda, or transfer it to a local venue, on the basis that SunCal’s attorneys improperly filed the [...]

City of Alameda Files Response to SunCal Public Records Act Lawsuit

Last week, attorneys for the City of Alameda filed a response in Alameda County Superior Court to SunCal’s complaint against the City under the California Public Records Act.


SunCal’s Perseverance is Extreme

Dear Editor,

Relevant specifically to Alameda residents, “SunCal”, a huge developer of dubious, if not outright criminal ethical standards, who last year attempted to facilitate their agenda by penning a 278 page voter referendum in flagrantly misleading language, is now trying to get their marionettes elected to mayoral and city council positions, again using subterfuge [...]

Candidates to Return Checks From SunCal Affiliate Argent Management LLC

A SunCal affiliate, Argent Management LLC, has sent campaign contribution checks to some Alameda City Council and Mayoral candidates, and the candidates are sending the checks back.


City of Alameda Scores First Victories in SunCal Public Records Act Lawsuit

The City of Alameda appears to have scored two victories in recent days against SunCal, pertaining to a lawsuit that SunCal filed against the City late last month over a public records act request. The case is RG10537988 in Alameda County Superior Court.


City of Alameda Denies SunCal Charges in Public Records Lawsuit

Yesterday, SunCal announced that they had filed a lawsuit against the City of Alameda under the California Public Records Act, claiming that Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant, City Clerk Lara Weisiger, “and other Alameda officials,” were conspiring to withhold and destroy public records that SunCal has requested as part of their U.S. Federal Court [...]

SunCal Sues the City of Alameda

As promised by SunCal’s attorney Louis Miller, SunCal, through their local development entity, SCC Alameda Point LLC, has filed suit against the City of Alameda in U.S. District Court. According to a copy of the complaint provided by SunCal on their website, the suit was filed on August 4th, in the Southern Division of the [...]

City of Alameda Insists on More Time to Satisfy SunCal’s Public Records Request

In a letter to SunCal’s attorney, Louis Miller of Miller Barondess, LLP of Los Angeles, the City of Alameda has insisted that it may take as long as 45 days to satisfy a “voluminous” public records request that Mr. Miller submitted earlier this month, alongside letters threatening legal action against the City.



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