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San Francisco Chronicle Covers SunCal Oak Knoll Fire Waiting to Happen Story

The chronicle has a story by Chip Johnson today about the perceived “severe and imminent” risk of fire at SunCal Oak Knoll – the redevelopment project for the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. SunCal’s not entirely in the clear – their man, Pat Keliher, SunCal’s Oakland-based V.P. of Operations, of Revitalize Alameda Point fame, was [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – October 15th Looms Large for SunCal

According to an article in the September 21 edition of the Daily Bankruptcy Review, a for-pay publication of Dow Jones, October 15th is likely to be a key date that determines the fate of SunCal Companies and two dozen failed California real-estate projects, including Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland.


SunCal’s Dead Oak Knoll A Fire Waiting To Happen

Oakland Hills residents and Oakland City Council members agree that the stalled SunCal Oak Knoll Naval Hospital redevelopment project is a fire waiting to happen.


Full Text of $115 million Claim Against SunCal and Lehman Brothers for Oak Knoll

As promised, here is the full text of the letter and claim sent to Oakland City Officials and U.S. Bankruptcy courts to file a claim of $115 million against the failed SunCal Oak Knoll Naval Hospital development in the Oakland Hills over an “imminent and severe” fire threat from the partially demolished buildings at the [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – Oakland Hills Resident Files $115 million Claim Against SunCal and Lehman Brothers

Donald Mitchell, of Oakland, who we reported on last week, has filed a claim with U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for $115 million against SunCal/Lehman Brothers for the “extreme and imminent danger” at SunCal’s stalled Oak Knoll Naval Hospital project.


Letter From Lehman Attorney’s Telling SunCal to Back Off…or else

We wrote yesterday how it was reported that attorneys representing the bankrupt Lehman Brothers have written letters to SunCal to remind them of their place in the various southern California development project bankruptcies. Evidently, SunCal is trying to push their agenda through the bankruptcy court on various projects such as Oak Knoll and Marblehead even [...]

SunCal, D.E. Shaw Making Promises Without Authority

It’s simply amazing that the City of Alameda continues to move forward with SunCal for Alameda Point, as more and more evidence of their questionable dealings come forward with regards to their bankrupt California projects. Deceptive push-poll telephone surveys are nothing!


SunCal Chief Financial Officer Resigns

SunCal’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has resigned, The Bakersfield Californian has reported. SunCal is the master developer for Alameda Point.


SunCal Declares Bankruptcy at Oak Knoll

SunCal’s problems are slowly creeping north to Oakland. Is the collapse of SunCal at Alameda Point next?


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