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City’s Attorney Responds to Lena Tam Defense

On August 4th, Michael Colantuono, the attorney representing the City of Alameda in the matter of alleged misconduct by Councilmember Lena Tam, wrote a letter to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, refuting many of the defensive claims made by Ms. Tam’s attorney, John Keker.


Alameda City Council Accused of Secret “Plan B” Meetings

By Erica Madison

“We need a public process that includes workshops and public forums that allows the community to participate in developing a vision for Alameda Point. But I don’t believe we have capital or leadership to pull this off.”


Alameda City Council is Divided Over New Alameda Point Vision

By Erica Madison

On July 27 during a special Alameda City Council meeting, Councilmember Matarrese said the vision for Alameda Point needed to be focused around job creation and commercial development.


Thank You, Council, For Standing Up For Alameda!

Dear Editor,

I was among the many Alameda residents who attended the city council meeting last Tuesday, July 20, to urge the council to reject SunCal’s Optional Entitlement Application (OEA) and refuse to extend SunCal’s Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA). The ENA was to expire on July 20th and the recent application included a plan that [...]

Alameda City Council Denies SunCal’s Modified Plan for Alameda Point

In a meeting that began last night and ran into the wee hours of this morning, on a 4-0 vote, Alameda City Council approved a resolution that denied SunCal’s so-called “modified optional entitlement application” plan for Alameda Point, effectively ending the City’s continued negotiations with the developer. As a result, SunCal’s exclusive negotiation agreement (ENA) [...]

Attorney’s For Gray1 CPB LLC Ask Court to Compel Bruce Elieff to Testify About His Assets

Attorney’s for Gray1 CPB LLC, a San Diego based investment fund that secured a $9 million jury verdict against SunCal and SunCal CEO Bruce Elieff last month have asked an Orange County court to compel Mr. Elieff to submit to a deposition to disclose his assets. Gray1′s attorney’s say that Mr. Elieff and his attorney [...]

SunCal Threatens to Sue, Bankrupt, the City of Alameda

A week ahead of a key vote by Alameda City Council regarding continuing negotiations with SunCal over Alameda Point, an attorney for the developer sent a series of letters to the City of Alameda threatening to sue if the City doesn’t continue negotiations, and warning that “the damage to our client’s reputation and business is [...]

Gray 1 Jury Finds Against Bruce Elieff and SCC Acquisitions in the Amount of $9 million

Updated: July 9, 2010, 10:50am – included court tentative decision against SunCal.

A jury in an Orange County Superior Court has reached a verdict against Bruce Elieff and SunCal parent company SCC Acquisitions, Inc. in the amount of over $9 million in the Gray 1 CPB LLC v. SCC Acquisitions and Bruce Elieff case.


SunCal Breached Terms of Exclusive Negotiation Agreement City Says

According to a June 15th City of Alameda Staff Report to City Council, SunCal violated the terms of their Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with the City of Alameda when they met with the U.S. Navy at the Pentagon earlier this month.


Voters Get to Decide on Alameda Point

Dear Editor,

Despite the will of the voters who overwhelmingly rejected Measure B, SunCal just won’t go away. They are now marketing themselves as “SCC Alameda Point LLC” because they know their image is tarnished in Alameda. Despite SunCal’s false front, the City of Alameda should face up to the facts and stop negotiating with [...]


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