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Outreach to Homeless Service Veterans Over the Holidays

Dignity Commons at Alameda Point. Transitional housing for service veterans. (Operation Dignity Website)

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, in conjunction with local agencies, has launched a program to help keep U.S. service veterans and their families from becoming homeless over the holidays.


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Navy Releases Final Environmental Impact Report on Proposed Transfer of Land to Veterans Affairs

This map from a 2008 Veterans Affairs presentation outlines the portion of Alameda Point that the department would receive from the U.S. Navy in a so-called fed-to-fed transfer.

The federal departments of the Navy and Veterans Affairs have released a final environmental impact assessment and draft finding of no significant impact for the proposed […]

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Recession Has a Positive Impact on Alameda County’s Fight to End Homelessness

By Erica Madison

According to a new report released at the end of July by Alameda County the homeless population is down 13.6%.


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