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Unanswered Media Inquiries

The Raymond Zack Project

This page documents media inquiries sent to various agencies which Action Alameda News have sent, but to which the agency has not responded.

To Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore, June 10th, 2011

Subject: Media Inquiry: Discipline for Interim Chief D’Orazi?

Mayor Gilmore,

It looks pretty clear that Interim Fire Chief D’Orazi lied to the media or otherwise misled the media and the public when he cited the March 16th, 2009 AFD memo, saying it showed that ‘budget cuts’ were the reason there were no trained rescue swimmers at Crown Beach on May 30th, when that very memo indicates that funding for the program was restored. Action Alameda News reported on this last week, as well as reporting this week Deputy Chief Olson’s statements saying that budget cuts weren’t the reason first-responders didn’t enter the water. And now ABC 7 San Francisco and the Associated Press are also reporting on how that same memo contradicts the Chief’s statements.

Does the City of Alameda have any intention to discipline or fire Chief D’Orazi for apparently misleading the public and the media?

And who is the “expert” who will conduct the independent review of Raymond Zack’s death, and when will he/she start work?

David Howard
Action Alameda News

To Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore, June 4th, 2011

Subject: Media Inquiry: Why did city plan for water rescues in FY 09-10, 10-11 and 11-12?

Dear Mayor Gilmore,

Budget documents on the City of Alameda website indicate that the Fire Department was planning and budgeting for water rescues from 2009 forward. Indeed, they were using them as a performance metric. How could they plan for that without having re-initiated certification for land-based rescue, after the reinstatement of funding in March 2009?

If you can provide a statement, or otherwise explain this, I’ll run a follow-up story with your input.


David Howard
Action Alameda News

To Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore, June 3rd, 2011

Subject: Media Inquiry: Back-up for D’Orazi’s claims re: Raymond Zack.

Dear Mayor Gilmore,

The memo produced by Chief D’Orazi to defend the actions of the fire department on Memorial Day would seem to undo his own claims – at the end of the memo, the division chief says that funding for land-based water rescue, and rescue swimmers, was reinstated, and that training would begin again soon – some 2 years before Raymond Zack died in the waters off Crown Beach.

If you have a statement, or any evidence to explain why – after the fire department announced that funding would be reinstated, and training would begin again, two years ago – there were no trained rescue firefighters on the beach on May 30th, 2011, I’ll run a follow-up story with your input.


David Howard
Action Alameda News

To Alameda Acting City Manager Lisa Goldman, June 2nd, 2011

Subject: Media Inquiry: Clarification on request for AC FD help?

Hi Lisa,
In the Alameda PD press release earlier this week, the department expressly stated that they requested help from Alameda County Fire Department.
AC FD is expressly stating that they did not receive a request for help:

Can you help me clarify and understand this? Are the some records that would prove/show that Alameda FD or PD contacted Alameda County for help?

David Howard
Action Alameda News

1 comment to Unanswered Media Inquiries

  • ralph

    Mr David Howard,Raymond Zack did not die at the beach “HE WAS MURDERED ” by the inaction ans cowardise of the Alameda fireman “none of which leave in the City thet can’t Afford it , their own statement .

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